By Lolek's Storytellers (other events)

8 Dates Through Jul 25, 2021

Lolek's Storytellers presents: Tarzan the Disney Stage Musical performing at The Canton Historic Theatre!

We are excited to perform live again with our first show back since the covid shut downs. House is limited capacity for this show, get your tickets now!

Cast 1 performs July 16th and 17th (8pm), July 22nd and 24th.
Cast 2 performs July 17 (3pm), July 18, 23rd and 25th

The orphaned Tarzan grows up in the remote African wilderness, raised by the gentle gorilla Kala. When a British expedition enters the jungle, Tarzan encounters the beautiful Jane and recognizes that, like her, he's human. Falling in love with Jane, Tarzan is torn between embracing civilization and staying with his gorilla family, which becomes threatened by the ruthless hunter Clayton.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $18 for children aged 12/under and seniors aged 60+. 


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